About Swift Stamps

Since first establishing in 1999, Swift Stamps has been supplying hand stamps and wristbands on a local, national and international scale. Our products have been sent to several of the major cities of the world, including London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin and Madrid, although our fame remains strictly here in the UK, for the time being. We even had the privilege of providing wristbands and stamps for the biggest event of 2012. You know, the one which takes place every 4 years. We shouldn’t have to tell you that though. From festivals to theme parks, nightclubs to music gigs, our stamping solutions have been in high demand since the turn of the millennium. Over the years more and more people view Swift Stamps as the one stop shop for their entry access needs, contacting us directly whenever they require hand stamps or wristbands. We are more than happy to oblige of course, offering a same day dispatch on all orders made before 10am. Our focus has, and always be on, customer service, as we constantly strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, no matter how big or small the job might be. We will always be honest with you too. If we aren’t able to meet your demands or requests, we will tell you straight from the off. Something not all companies offering the same service can say they do. Whether you require a change in colour, branding, or the text, the Swift Stamps team can customise your stamping solutions to suit your needs. There’s NO HIDDEN COSTS either, which is a result for a lot of you who will have no doubt been stung by large manufacturers in the past. For all your wristband and stamping needs for events, clubs, pubs, festivals or gigs, make sure Swift Stamps is the one and only call you make today